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    Chorizo Sausage

    Taste From Portugal

Chorizo Sausage

Living up to the secular tradition of the charcuterie, the meat spicy sausage that we offer you, makes the delights of the most demanding connoisseurs.

With a bright red colour and firm consistency, this chorizo is made based on lean pork meats. It presents itself under the traditional way or with a bit of spiciness. Franck Muller Replica Watches

The seasoning, more specifically in wine garlic marinade and the time of maturation, Breitling Replica as well as the rest and ageing in traditional smokehouses, with hand-selected wood, allows obtaining a simple and unique product with a tasteful and genuine flavour.

Both the traditional and the spicy sausage can be consumed raw, in thin slices, fried, poached or grilled and eaten with a good homemade bread.

Category: Sausages
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